Thursday, November 1, 2007

A small man's complaint in the big world

Complaining and getting it heard is one thing. Getting something done is yet another thing.

I suppose a small man's complaint could be heard and shifted aside, say in a KIV (keep in view) file, to be pushed into the trash after a while. But when a big man complaints, it is different. But this is the world.

But we could still continue griping until some big men or women take notice of it and decide to adopt it. I guess in this internet age, we have this slight advantage in that so long we get it published, many will read. And hopefully, the empowered one will also get to read. (^^)

That is my dream as I start griping about many everyday issues that bug me to no end. I must simply get it off my chest. And hopefully, strike a chord with some of you. (^^)

I certainly love to hear your gripes too. But remember, I am just a small man. (^^)


At May 31, 2016 at 8:45 PM , Blogger Ronni Pinsler said...

What a great idea ..another name for this would be "pet hates". We all have a few so this should be a popular site to wipe the gripe!
Now something that really gets my teeth grinding are those doors in public loos and other locations that open inwards to a small private cubicle, making it difficult ,particularly for the size 40 waist and above , to get out without kerfuffle.
Do yer see what i mean .... :<<


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